ILAE Academy

ILAE Academy

Enrich your learning journey in epileptology with the ILAE Academy platform

ILAE has assembled a competency-based curriculum that encompasses 7 domains of knowledge, 42 competencies, and 124 learning objectives that address entry level to advanced proficiencies. Educational activities of different types can be mapped to specific learning objectives and competencies and endorsed by the ILAE.

The ILAE Academy is a credit-based, structured learning environment, where you will enroll in courses, access course materials, and track your progress according to your level of proficiency in epileptology as categorized in the ILAE Curriculum. You will need a total of 200 credits to reach the goal of Proficiency (Level 2): 100 credit points from the self-paced, non-tutored online courses and 100 credit points from the blended learning program of selected ILAE curricular courses, congresses, or tutored courses.

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  • Earn Continuing Medical Education credit - AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ available for select ILAE Academy educational activities (see details below)
  • Level 2 course offerings with various new interactive tools and formats focusing on case-based learning
  • Chapter members or participants in an ILAE or ILAE endorsed activity will receive a discount of 25% off the regular fees for self-paced online ILAE Academy programs 
  • Evolving language translations of course content
ILAE Academy
ILAE Academy

Continuing Medical Education credit

The ILAE Academy courses provide either Continuing Medical Education credit (AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™) or CME-equivalent ILAE credit points for professional career development in epileptology.

  • Level 2 courses currently provide up to 28.75 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ upon successful completion of the individual courses
  • VIREPA courses provide between 38 and 56 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ depending on the course, upon successful completion

Additionally, ILAE credits (non-CME credits) are allocated for completion of courses. Specific information about the credits available for successful completion of activities within the Level 1 and Level 2 programs are listed in the appropriate course portfolio below.

ILAE Academy Learning Journey

Level 1 Entry | Self-Assessment | Level 2 Proficiency

Level 1 - Entry: Self-paced e-learning including case-based modules, covering basic principles in clinical epileptology. Result: Level 1 certificate. Self Assessment. VIREPA: Highly interactive, e-moderated online courses on EEG, epilepsy & sleep, neuroimaging. Result: Certificate o completion. Level 2 - Proficiency: Blended learning: self-paced, patient-centered e-learning combined with adaptive learning formats and tutored courses (online or face-to-face) to build proficiency in epileptology. Result: Level 2 certificate. Level 3 - Advanced proficiency - upcoming. Resources: Supplemental reading and learning, including the interative ILAE diagnostic manual, educational review papers, guidelines and other publications related to the course content.

Level 1

Level 1 addresses Entry Level epileptology competencies for healthcare professionals (Level 1 of the ILAE Curriculum). 

Level 1. Learn from cases: patient cases dealing with the most common epilepsies in children and adults. Ebrain sessions: Developed by the Joint Neurosciences Council on epilepsy related content. Histopathology in a nutshell: Tutorials on common brain lesions in epilepsy.

To receive the Level 1 Certificate, the following must be achieved: 

  • Completion of all 15 patient cases from the ‘Learn from Cases’  
  • Completion of 26 pre-determined ebrain sessions
  • Completion of the course 'Histopathology in a nutshell' (Level 1)

ILAE Academy Level 1 Course Portfolio

Self-Assessment: Level 1

Assess your knowledge, competence and confidence in epileptology

Admission into the ILAE Academy’s proficiency Level 2 program is open to individuals who either have earned the entry Level 1 certificate or successfully passed the Self-Assessment, an online confidence-based exam covering the learning objectives of the diagnosis, counseling, treatment, and emergencies competencies in the ILAE Curriculum for Level 1 of the ILAE Academy.

Once enrolled, the Self-Assessment subscription period allows access for 3 months.

*Note: All learners who have purchased the Level 1 package since 2022 already have access to this Self-Assessment.

Level 2

Level 2 addresses proficiency level epileptology competencies for healthcare professionals (Level 2 of the ILAE Curriculum). 

Level 2 Common Trunk: Case-based e-learning modules (L1 & L2), 50 ebrain sessions MRI e-learning tool, Histopathology tutorials (L1 & L2), EpiCare case-based e-learnings on rare diseases, pre-selected tutorials/webcasts, review articles in epileptology. Domain-related Learning: semiology, EEG, neuroimaging, antiseizure medication, comorbidities

To receive the Level 2 certificate, the following must be achieved: 

  • Courses in the common trunk are compulsory for all learners in Level 2
  • A total of 200 credits (CME or ILAE):
    • 100 credits obtained from the self-paced online course program
    • 100 credits from the blended learning program of selected f2f ILAE courses at summer schools, congresses, tutored online live webtorials or any other ILAE endorsed teaching activity with CME accreditation. This includes also ILAE VIREPA courses (back to 2022) and ILAE congresses (evidence through CME certificate received). 

Every participant of Level 2 will complete a common trunk of e-learning offerings. Learners may also specialize in epilepsies that are typical for different patient groups or in the different knowledge domains, such as seizure semiology, EEG, MRI, antiseizure medication, and comorbidities.

Interactive formats support the learning process:

  • Adaptive learning courses adjust to the learner’s level of proficiency to overcome knowledge gaps
  • E-semiology modules with seizure videos and exercises challenge learners to recognize and correctly classify the seizure
  • Patient cases guide advanced decision making about common and rare types of epilepsy, including the new integrated EEG and MRI readers
  • Neuroimaging course with MRI reading tool, exercises and cases to support the learner’s proficiency in MRI diagnosis
  • Live tutored series on pre-defined topics for small groups in different languages and time zones

ILAE Academy Level 2 Course Portfolio

E-Learning Modules on Rare Epilepsies

In cooperation with EpiCARE (European Reference Network for Rare and Complex Epilepsies) the ILAE has developed self-paced case-based e-learning courses focusing on diagnosis and management of some rare and complex epilepsies in a highly interactive and self-paced manner, including exercises and quizzes with feedback. They are available for free on the EpiCARE site and are also integrated in the ILAE Academy self-paced e-learning program (Level 2), corresponding to proficiency competencies of the ILAE Curriculum.

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