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Dieta cetogénica - Spanish Version

Welcome! Here you will find information and resources regarding the ketogenic diet, a high fat, low carbohydrate treatment for epilepsy. This treatment started in the United States in 1921, fell out of favor in the 1940s, but has seen a resurgence since the 1990s. In the past decade, the ketogenic diet has seen exponential growth around the world

The Dietary Treatments Task Force of the ILAE Medical Therapies Commission was created to help meet the growing need for information and resources regarding the ketogenic diet.

We hope you find this site useful in your region of the world. Please contact Anita Devlin, Dietary Treatments Task Force chair, with any questions or ideas. 

Articles about the Ketogenic Diet
Links to free access articles about the Ketogenic Diet, organized by date

Basics of the Ketogenic Diet
What it is, how it works, and other key information. Video discussions about the Ketogenic Diet

Book List
Books in multiple languages providing ketogenic diet guidance

Congresses and Other Events
Listings of international congresses, workshops, and other events

Helpful Links
Ketogenic diet resources from around the world

International Ketogenic Centers
Physicians providing the ketogenic diet who participated in this survey, listed alphabetically by country within regional areas.

Ketogenic Diet Products
Complete nutrition products, modular products (lipid-based, carbohydrate, and protein) and special products for use in ketogenic diets

Patient Stories
First hand accounts of people who are using the Ketogenic Diet

Recipes for Ketogenic Diets
An international selection of recipes

Dietary Therapies Task Force Members
Ketogenic diet task force members and contact information