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ILAE President 2022 Annual Report

ILAE Vice President 2022 Annual Report

Interactive Media 2022 Annual Report

Epigraph 2022 Annual Report

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2021 ILAE Annual Report

2017 - 2021 ILAE Committee, Commission, Council & Task Force Members

ILAE Interactive Media 2021 Annual Report

2020 Reports

2020 ILAE Annual Report

Below are reports from ILAE's Executive Council. Individual reports for Regions, Topical Commissions, Councils, Committees, Task Forces and Advisory Commissions, and National Chapters are found on their respective pages.

ILAE President 2020 Annual Report

ILAE Vice President 2020 Annual Report

ILAE Treasurer and Finance Committee 2020 Annual Report

ILAE Interactive Media 2020 Annual Report

Consolidated annual reports

ILAE 2020 Annual Report cover

ILAE Chapter Convention

Chapter Convention Report 2019