Eastern Mediterranean Regional Commission 2013-17

Dr Hasan Hosny elected Commission Chair for the 2013-2017 Term

CEMA Commission Chair Election Results: Letter from Peter Wolf

Eastern Mediterranean Chair 2013-2017

The election of Chair of the Commission on Eastern Mediterranean Affairs for the period 2013 – 2017 is finished. The participation was very satisfactory with all 11 chapters voting. Dr. Hassan Hosny has been elected with more than 50% of the available votes.

Commission Members

Eastern Mediterranean Elected Officers 2013-2017

The following candidates received the most votes and have accepted their elections.

CEMA Commission member election results: Announcement from Peter Wolf

Raidah Al-Baradie

Statement | Curriculum vitae

Taoufik Alsaadi

Statement | Curriculum vitae

Amina Gargouri

Statement | Curriculum vitae

Ahmad Khalifa

Statement | Curriculum vitae

Eastern Mediterranean Appointed Officers 2013-2017

The following candidates have been appointed to the Commission:

Ghaieb Bashar Mohammed Aljandeel

Statement | Curriculum vitae

Mohammed Al-Shebab

Statement | Curriculum vitae

Ahmad Beydoun

Chair, 2009-13; Member, 2013-17