Guidelines & Reports

The current state of epilepsy guidelines (December 2015)

Developing clinical practice guidelines and supplemental toolkit

Proposed Guidelines

Proposed guidelines and consensus recommendations for the treatment of seizures in the neonate

The draft paper and public comments are available. Read draft guidelines and comments.

Consensus recommendations for assessment and management of PNES in children

The draft paper and public comments are available. Read draft recommendations and comments.

Proposed terms for medications used in the treatment of epilepsy

The draft position paper and public comments are available. Read proposed position paper and comments.

Minimum standards for recording routine and sleep EEG

The draft paper and public comments are available. Review proposed guideline and comments.

Guidelines for the treatment of depression in adults with epilepsy

The revised version of the manuscript is being reviewed by the ILAE and will then be submitted for publication. Review proposed guidelines and comments.


We list below Guidelines generated by the ILAE and by other organizations as well as Reports that are not strictly guidelines but were generated by ILAE commissions or task forces, or by other organizations, and provide useful information in dealing with different epilepsy conditions.

The reports are listed by publication date and can be searched by keywords or filtered according to the categories or subcategories provided below.

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