ILAE Social Media Policy


To define appropriate conduct in the use of social media directly and indirectly associated with the ILAE.

What is social media?

Social media are online platforms, either websites or applications, that allow users to create and share content. They enable information to be shared widely, in a concise and efficient format. Examples include:

  • Social networking platforms such as Facebook®, Twitter®, and LinkedIn®
  • Media sharing platforms such as Instagram®, YouTube®, Dropbox®, or GoogleDocs®
  • Online meeting platforms such as Skype® or Zoom®
  • Online forums and blogs

Official ILAE social media accounts

The ILAE Director of Interactive Media in consultation with the ILAE Web Administrator (WA) will approve any new requests for official ILAE social media accounts. Requests may come from ILAE groups such as the Executive Committee, Commissions or Task Forces, the Young Epilepsy Section, or the Web Administrator. Authorised representatives, designated by the requesting entity, will be responsible for composing, monitoring and responding to posted content.

When posting on social media, on behalf of the ILAE, the individual must always:

  • Be polite and respectful
  • Maintain professionalism
  • Promote high quality evidence and information in the area of epilepsy
  • Avoid posting content which may be considered offensive, discriminatory or fraudulent
  • If there is any question regarding the appropriateness of a post, past or future, consult the Director of Interactive Media.

Official ILAE-translation accounts

ILAE is expanding online content to provide information in languages other than English. The authorised representatives for these accounts should re-post content from the main ILAE official accounts, as a direct translation, or as near as possible. The translation of any part of official ILAE documents (in particular, ILAE position papers) must follow the official ILAE Translation Procedure. An exception to this is for live posting during regional ILAE events. Translated content on Facebook® will be reposted under the main ILAE Facebook® accounts. Individual language accounts will be setup by the ILAE-WA for Twitter®.

Authors: Neha Kaul, Deborah Flower and Jean Gotman
25 April 2019