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  • Promote epilepsy education by organizing epilepsy courses
  • Epilepsy care and patient education
  • Translational research
  • Increase the number of chapters in the region

Un cours d’épilepsie en français

Les conférences sur l’épilepsie lors du cours régional d’épilepsie avec ILAE-Région de la méditerranée orientale et La Ligue Mauritanienne de Lutte Contre l’Epilepsie, les 10 et 11 décembre 2021

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New EEG Tool to improve EEG reading

ILAE EMR introduces a new EEG tool to improve EEG reading

The ILAE-EMR region has introduced a new EEG tool for young EMR neurologists and physicians that enlists the help of international EEG experts within the EMR and elsewhere to help improve the interpretation of EEG recordings, and thus, the management of epilepsy and other neurological disorders in the region. ILAE-EMR-EEG Tool announcement

EMR educational webinars

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ILAE EMR and ILAE Africa are offering webinars in French
ILAE EMR and ILAE Africa are offering webinars in English

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ILAE-EMR Epilepsy Fellowships: Call for applications

The ILAE-EMR region is pleased to announce the availability of fellowships to epileptologists interested to engage in further training in epilepsy, including internships in epilepsy monitoring units. Application deadline: 28 November 2021

18 November, 2021
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International 4EU+ Course on Pathogenesis of Epilepsy

The course explores the neurobiology of epilepsy from basic and clinical perspectives. The main objectives of this course are to deepen your knowledge on the pathophysiology of epilepsy and seizure, introduce you to modern research tools that are used in epilepsy research and identify the current challenges and complex issues in epilepsy.

3 November, 2021

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