Education is a vital focus for the ILAE’s activities, supporting the League’s mission to ensure that health professionals, governments, and the public world-wide have the essential educational and research resources to understand, diagnose, and treat persons with epilepsy. ILAE has developed a robust curriculum for epileptologists – under the umbrella of the new ILAE Academy. In addition to regional and national congresses, conferences, and symposia, this curriculum includes online self-paced and the VIREPA tutored courses.


ILAE Curriculum

ILAE Curriculum

Explore the ILAE Curriculum for epileptology. The competency-based curriculum addresses three different levels of professional expertise: Level 1 - Entry, Level 2 - Proficiency, and Level 3 - Advanced proficiency. You will see endorsed educational activities which address the competencies. Read the Roadmap for a competency-based educational curriculum in epileptology. Blümcke et al., Epileptic Disorders (2019)

Read about the launch of ILAE Academy Level 2, A structured, blended learning program towards proficiency in epileptology. Blümcke et al., Epileptic Disorders (2022)


ILAE Academy

ILAE Academy

Enrich your learning journey in epileptology with the improved ILAE Academy platform.

What is the ILAE Academy?

The ILAE Academy, launched in 2020, provides a structured learning environment with educational activities of different types which are mapped to specific competencies and learning objectives of the ILAE Curriculum. Participants can enroll in courses, access unique learning materials developed by experts in the field, and track learning progress according to one’s level of proficiency in epileptology. Since 2022, the ability to earn Continuing Medical Education (AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™) or CME-equivalent ILAE credit points has been available for Academy learning activities. Courses may be face-to-face, online self-directed, or online tutored, depending on the topic.

ILAE Academy Learning Journey

Level 1 - Entry: Self-paced e-learning including case-based modules, covering basic principles in clinical epileptology. Result: Level 1 certificate. Self Assessment. VIREPA: Highly interactive, e-moderated online courses on EEG, epilepsy & sleep, neuroimaging. Result: Certificate o completion. Level 2 - Proficiency: Blended learning: self-paced, patient-centered e-learning combined with adaptive learning formats and tutored courses (online or face-to-face) to build proficiency in epileptology. Result: Level 2 certificate. Level 3 - Advanced proficiency - upcoming. Resources: Supplemental reading and learning, including the interative ILAE diagnostic manual, educational review papers, guidelines and other publications related to the course content.

Level 1 Entry | Self-Assessment | Level 2 Proficiency


VIREPA (Virtual Epilepsy Academy)

Virtual Epilepsy Academy (VIREPA)

The VIREPA courses, part of the ILAE Academy portfolio, are online, e-moderated courses about the practice of EEG and other neuroimaging techniques in their application to the diagnosis and management of persons with suspected or already established epilepsy. The courses are highly interactive and involve a great deal of collaboration and discussion among students and faculty, all of whom are experts in the field. For details about the courses offered, and how to apply, visit VIREPA



This is a cutting-edge, online diagnostic manual of the latest concepts relating to seizures and the epilepsies, designed in an accessible format. The goal of is to assist clinicians who look after people with epilepsy anywhere in the world, to diagnose seizure type(s), epilepsy type, diagnose epilepsy syndromes and define the etiology of the epilepsy. The site is principally designed to serve as a useful teaching aid for these clinicians in primary and secondary care settings.


ILAE Primary Care Curriculum

ILAE Primary Care Curriculum

The ILAE recognizes that training of non-specialist health care providers can help reduce the epilepsy treatment gap, as this is the entry point of most people with epilepsy. Toward that end, ILAE has developed an evidence-based and consensus-driven educational curriculum for management of epilepsy within primary care services, across diverse health care systems and socio-economic settings.

View draft curriculum: Available in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish. 

Read: An epilepsy curriculum for primary health care providers: a report from the Education Council of the International League Against Epilepsy. Singh, Gagandeep et al., Epileptic Disorders (2022)