Award Winners Announced

ILAE-Europe is pleased to announce the recipients of the European Awards 2018. The awards were presented during the Welcome Ceremony of the 13th ECE on Sunday 26th August.

Emilio Perucca
Emilio Perucca (Italy), European Epileptology Award

European Epileptology Award - Emilio Perucca (Italy)

European Young Investigator Award - Birgit Frauscher (Austria/Canada)

European Young Investigator Award - Sylvain Rheims (France)

European Epilepsy Education Award - Kristina Malmgren (Sweden)

European Epilepsy Service Award - Finola Quinn (Ireland)

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ILAE Eastern Mediterranean Region Announces Fellowships

The International League Against Epilepsy-Eastern Mediterranean Region (ILAE-EMR) is pleased to announce the availability of fellowships for young epileptologists interested in further training in epilepsy, including internships in epilepsy monitoring units. Applicants must be 40 years old or younger on the first day of the fellowship and must be practicing in one of the ILAE-EMR countries.

29 January, 2019
International Epilepsy Day
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International Epilepsy Day is February 11

Mark your calendar! International Epilepsy Day is a special event which promotes awareness of epilepsy in more than 120 countries each year. Every year on the second Monday of February people join together to celebrate and highlight the problems faced by people with epilepsy, their families and…

14 January, 2019
Annals of Neurology
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Switching the manufacturer of antiepileptic drugs is associated with higher risk of seizures

In previously seizure‐free patients, switching the manufacturer of antiepileptic medications was associated with a higher risk for seizure recurrence. Our retrospective approach does not allow us to determine whether other changes in medical care at the same time could contribute to the recurrence. However, it would be prudent to avoid switching the manufacturer of anticonvulsants in seizure‐free patients. Ann Neurol 2018;84:918–925

2 January, 2019

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