Ketogenic Diet Workshop for Infants with Intractable Epilepsy

The Ketogenic Diet Workshop for Infants with Intractable Epilepsy was held at the annual international conference of Medical City in Baghdad, Iraq. It was the first time that the issue of ketogenic diet in epilepsy field was presented in detail for the physicians of different specialties in Iraq.The lecturers were trained during last year in 2 workshops that were held in Egypt and UAE.

28 specialists attended the workshops, including pediatric neurologists and pediatric neurology fellows working in the three largest children's hospitals in Iraq, pediatricians specializing in inborn metabolic disorders, and epileptologist, and neonatologists.

Workshop program


  • Dr Nebal Waill Saadi
  • Dr Mays Riyadh Al-Taya, pediatrician specializing in inborn metabolic disorders

Workshop goals

  1. Define the ketogenic diet and give historical summery about its use in medicine
  2. To know how to prepare candidates to start that type of diet
  3. To be familiar with the calculations and measurements needed for the diet
  4. To list the short term and long term complications of the diet and to be able to monitor the ketone, glucose and other issues when the diet is established
  5. To follow up the child and to know when and how to discontinue the diet

Photos of attendees and lecturers

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Report sbumitted by Dr Nebal Waill

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