Letter to Chapters regarding WHA Resolution on Epilepsy


This letter follows a similar request for your attention and assistance that has been sent to you recently by the ILAE or IBE Chair of your region. With this correspondence and the video message (above), we aim to provide you with additional information to assist you in your engagement with your government.

As you are aware, in February of this year the Executive Board of the World Health Organization adopted a Draft Decision on Epilepsy. The decision was supported by more than 80 Member States (governments) and an unprecedented level of co-sponsorship by 37 different countries.

As a result of the successful Executive Board meeting earlier this year, a draft resolution on “Epilepsy and Its Synergies with Other Neurological Disorders” will be presented at the next World Health Assembly for consideration and hopefully also adoption. Read a summary of the draft resolution.

The next World Health Assembly — an annual event which is attended by all Ministers of Health — is likely to take place virtually in November this year. However, consultations on the draft resolution to gain input and support from different governments is likely to start at the end of September.

Important for our collective work, the draft epilepsy resolution calls for the development of an Intersectoral Global Action Plan for Epilepsy and its Synergies with Other Neurological Disorders outlining relevant multi-sector intervention pathways for government action and clear targets that all government would commit to. An Intersectoral Global Action Plan would provide us, health professionals and advocates for people living with epilepsy, a way to more effectively work with our governments on closing the treatment and inclusion gaps for people living with epilepsy as well as improve prevention and expand research.

It is essential that we gain support from your government for the resolution ideally before as well as throughout the consultations that will begin later this month.

The video at the top of the page provides more details on the ways to engage to ensure that your government is aware of and willing to support the draft resolution on "Epilepsy and Its Synergies with Other Neurological Disorders"

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September 2020