Latin American Region Elections 2017-21

Election process

Latin American Region Chair 2017-21

Roberto Caraballo Curriculum vitae
Roberto Caraballo Statement

Latin American Region Elected Officers 2017-2021

Commission Member Elections

The following candidates received the most votes and have accepted their elections:

Mario Artur Alonso Vanegas
(Mexico, 8 votes)
Curriculum vitae

Lilia Morales Chacon
(Cuba, 8 votes)
Curriculum vitae

Walter Mario Camargo Villareal
(Bolivia, 6 votes)
Curriculum vitae

Patricio Abad Herrera
(Ecuador, 6 votes)
Curriculum vitae

Additional Executive Board members

Marco T. Medina (Honduras), Past Chair

Fernando Cendes (Brazil)

Mabel Flores (El Salvador)

Juan Carlos Perez-Poveda (Colombia)

Samuel Wiebe (Canada), MC Liaison

ALADE Executive Committee 2020-2023

ILAE-Latin America announces the new members of the ALADE Task Force, effective April 2019.

Election Archive

Archived information for reference purposes:

Latin American Regional Commission 2013-2017

Latin American Regional Commission 2009-2013