European Regional Commission 2009-2013

According to the bylaws: Regional Commissions shall consist of representatives elected by local chapters together with a Chair and another member appointed by the ILAE President. Chapters can belong to only one region.

Election Results Letter

Dr. Meir Bialer has been appointed Chair of the Commission on European Affairs.  Dr. Helen Cross has been appointed as a member of the Commission.

The Notary office has released the results of the European Commission Elections.

  • Torbjorn Tomson 24
  • Alla Guekht 23
  • Reetta Kalviainen 20 /li>
  • Eugen Trinka 20
  • Alexis Arzimanoglou 19
  • Athanasios Covanis 19
  • Vladimir Komarek 14
  • Rudiger Kohling 13
  • Giuseppe Capovilla 10
  • Candan Gurses 8

According to the directions, if there is a tie, all people with the same number of votes will be elected, as long as they received more than one vote. Therefore, there are six elected members to the commission as follows:

Alexis Arzimanoglou  19 votes
Athanasios Covanis   19 votes
Alla Guekht    23 votes
Reetta Kälviäinen 20 votes
Torbjörn Tomson 24 votes
Eugen Trinka 20 votes

Congratulations to the elected members, we wish them well in thier work for the regional commission. Thank you to all candidates for your willingness to participate in the elections. We hope you will continue to contribute to the life of ILAE as in the past.