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Con profundo pesar, comunicamos el sensible fallecimiento de nuestro destacado socio, Fundador de la Sociedad de Epileptologia de Chile. Capitulo Chileno de ILAE. Expresidente de la Sociedad de Epileptología y hasta la fecha miembro de nuestro Directorio, Dr. Marcelo Devilat Barros.

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Epilepsia announces increased Impact Factor

The ILAE and the editors of Epilepsia are pleased to announce that the impact factor of Epilepsia has increased from 4.706 to 5.295.View the 10 most-cited papers here.

Epileptic Disorders No 2
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Epileptic Disorders announces increased Impact Factor

The ILAE and the editors of Epileptic Disorders are pleased to announce that the impact factor of Epileptic Disorders has increased from 0.9426 to 1.168. View the 10 most-consulted articles here.

Jeanne Paz
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Study could help explain link between seizures and psychiatric disorders

Cells related to seizures, schizophrenia, and ADHD all found in the same region of the brain Gladstone scientists, led by senior investigator Jeanne Paz, showed that a region of the brain called the reticular thalamus is mainly composed of two different types of neurons, contrary to what was…

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Retigabine to be discontinued in June

We have received a reminder notice from GSK that retigabine (Trobalt®/Potiga®) will be removed from clinical use at the end of June. Please discuss the issues with any patient who remains on the medication and how they need to be transitioned to other drugs as clinically indicated. Details here.

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