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Epilepsia Cover May 2018
Clinical Research

Genetic literacy series: Primer part 2—Paradigm shifts in epilepsy genetics

Summary This is the second of a 2‐part primer on the genetics of the epilepsies within the Genetic Literacy Series of the Genetics Commission of the International League Against Epilepsy. In Part 1, we covered types of genetic variation, inheritance patterns, and their relationship to disease.…

12 May, 2018
Epilepsia Cover May 2018
Clinical Research

Genetic generalized epilepsies

Summary The genetic generalized epilepsies (GGEs) are mainly genetically determined disorders. Although inheritance in most cases appears to be complex, involving multiple genes, variants of a number of genes are known to contribute. Pathogenic variants of SLC2A1 leading to autosomal‐dominant…

9 May, 2018
Clinical Research

Getting the best outcomes from epilepsy surgery

Neurosurgery is an underutilized treatment that can potentially cure drug‐refractory epilepsy. Careful, multidisciplinary presurgical evaluation is vital for selecting patients and to ensure optimal outcomes. Advances in neuroimaging have improved diagnosis and guided surgical intervention.…

30 April, 2018
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ILAE Awards Prizes

The ILAE is pleased to announce the following prizes, to be presented in September 2018 at the European Congress on Epileptology. Epilepsia Prizes Each year, the ILAE awards one Epilepsia Clinical Science Prize and one Epilepsia Basic Science Prize to the first authors of original research…

12 April, 2018
Heinz Gregor Wieser
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In memoriam: Heinz Gregor Wieser

On February 20, 2018, Heinz Gregor Wieser passed away in his home as the result of a severe illness. The epilepsy community keenly feels the loss of one of its own leading figures who achieved fame within the field of epilepsy surgery. For those colleagues with whom he collaborated, he generously gave his time and attention, and granted his support wherever and whenever needed. He considered no undertaking too great, and his connections within the epileptology community were widespread and intense.

13 March, 2018
World News

34th Annual J. Allyn Taylor International Prize in Medicine

Nominations are now being solicited for the 2018 J. Allyn Taylor International Prize in Medicine, to be granted to a scientist who has made outstanding contributions in the area of Fundamental and Translational Research in Epilepsy. The recipient of the prize will receive $25,000 and a classical…

12 March, 2018
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