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International Epilepsy Day 2019 Video Competition
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International Epilepsy Day 2019 Video Competition

You are invited to enter the International Epilepsy Day video competition. The winning videos will be selected based on their success in telling an inspiring personal story or in using a novel means of increasing knowledge and awareness of epilepsy. In each category, there will be one 1st Prize of US$500 and five Runners’ Up prizes of US$100.

5 September, 2018
Epilepsy Ecosystem
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Solve epileptic seizure prediction! is an online crowd-sourcing ecosystem for sharing data and algorithms to improve the performance of seizure prediction algorithms and make seizure prediction a reality for people suffering from epilepsy. Around twenty million people worldwide suffer from drug-resistant…

22 August, 2018
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Neonatal Seizure Classification

The ILAE Task Force on Neonatal Seizures has created a classification for seizures in the neonate, which is intended to become the ILAE position on the classification for seizures in this age group.  As part of the approval and adoption process the League asks its members to review and comment on…

16 August, 2018
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