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The nomination for election to any ILAE office is based on previously discussed and approved eligibility criteria, and on what an individual has contributed to the mission and vision of the ILAE. The ILAE is not involved in national or international politics but is an organization striving for a world where no person’s life is limited by epilepsy; an organization based on the principle of inclusion of all health professionals who support people with epilepsy no matter where they live in the world and an organization that promotes the overarching principle of medical neutrality.

ILAE Executive Committee

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Diógenes Santos Viloria
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In Memoriam: Diógenes Santos Viloria

Ha fallecido el Dr. Diógenes Santos Viloria, reconocido neurólogo y epileptólogo dominicano que dedicó su vida a trabajar por los pacientes con este padecimiento.

27 February, 2024
Sanjeev Thomas
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In Memoriam: Sanjeev V. Thomas

Prof Sanjeev V. Thomas sadly passed away on 4 February 2023. Prof Thomas was a recipient of the Ambassador of Epilepsy Award in 2019 for his leadership role in improving epilepsy care in India. He served in several ILAE working groups, such as the Lancet Commission, as well as the task forces for epilepsy treatment guidelines and women with epilepsy, the latter of which was his primary interest in epilepsy care.

20 February, 2024
International Epilepsy Day logo - purple
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Un mensaje para el Día Internacional de la Epilepsia 2024

Nuevamente como cada año les invito a la reflexión, la generación de una memoria y experiencia colectiva este segundo lunes de febrero, en que desde 2015 conmemoramos el Día Internacional de la Epilepsia como una plataforma para compartir conocimiento, experiencias e historias personales y comunitarias de la epilepsia...

12 February, 2024

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