In Memoriam

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We commemorate here our departed colleagues in epilepsy and the contributions that they have made to the field. This section is open to obituaries for anyone who has been active in the field of epilepsy in any capacity: clinical, social, scientific, and psychological to name but a few. There are no academic, professional or geographical requirements to be considered for inclusion in this section. The only real criterion is that the individual worked to help relieve the burden of epilepsy somewhere in the world.

There are many great things that are done locally to improve the lives of people with epilepsy, efforts that are critical in the battle against this condition. Unfortunately some of the most important contributions are done away from the limelight and may not catch the attention of the larger international community. It is the intention of this section that anyone who has been active in the field be included and have their efforts and successes more widely known.


The memorial articles are written by those who knew the person. The goal is to tell your colleagues in epilepsy who this individual was and what the contributions were. Photographs are welcome.

These articles allow others to learn about those who have gone before, and the contributions they made, as well as providing a resource for those who wish to look into the history of epilepsy and those who contributed to it.

Please send your remembrances of our valued departed colleagues or any comments or suggestions that you may have to We welcome multiple remembrances from our members, and depend on you to help preserve the memories and the accomplishments of our friends and colleagues.