Eastern Mediterranean Regional Commission 2009-2013

According to the bylaws: Regional Commissions shall consist of representatives elected by local chapters together with a Chair and another member appointed by the ILAE President. Chapters can belong to only one region.

Election Results Letter

Eastern Mediterranean Chair 2009-13

Dr. Ahmad Beydoun has been appointed Chair of the Commission on Eastern Mediterranean Affairs.  One more person will be appointed by President-Elect Nico Moshé.

The Notary office has let us know the results of the Eastern Mediterranean Commission Elections:

  • Chahnez Triki 6
  • Sonia Khan 5
  • Ahmed Khalifa 5
  • Jihad Inshasi 5
  • Adel Al Jeshi 5
  • Tahir Obeid 4
  • Zemrag Saoudi 4
  • Taoufik Alsaadi 3
  • Ahmad Talaat El-Ghoneimy 2
  • Basim Uthman 2
  • Mohammed Al-Shehab 2
  • Hassan Jassim El Hail 1
  • Hanan Mostafa El Shakankiry 1
  • Khalid Alshamsi 0

The five persons with the largest number of votes who will become representatives of their region are:

Adel Al Jeshi    5 votes
Jihad Inshasi    5 votes
Ahmed Khalifa     5 votes
Sonia Khan    5 votes
Chahnez Triki   6 votes

Congratulations to the elected members, we wish them well in thier work for the regional commission.  Thank you to all candidates for your willingness to participate in the elections. We hope you will continue to contribute to the life of ILAE as in the past.