Global Epilepsy Report 2019

WHO approval of ILAE as non-state actor in official relations with WHO - 2020

Report cover: Epilepsy: A public health imperative, 2019

This is the first global report on epilepsy produced by WHO and key partners. It highlights the available evidence on the burden of epilepsy and the public health response required at global, regional and national levels. The report is also an important milestone in re-energizing and translating the WHA resolution into action as it provides guidance to governments, policymakers and stakeholders as they seek to reduce the disease burden as part of the universal health coverage agenda.

Epilepsy; A public health imperative (2019)

Epilepsy: A public health imperative (2019) - SUMMARY

WHO highlights scarcity of treatment for epilepsy in low-income countries (WHO press release)

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