ILAE-North America

The current ILAE-North America region was constituted in 2006, comprising English speaking North American Chapters of Canada, the United States of America, and the English speaking Caribbean (represented by Jamaica). The Mexican chapter, although geographically in North America, is a member of the Latin American Regional Commission.

Our goals and aims are aligned with the ILAE’s emphasis on current and emerging knowledge on epilepsy prevention, diagnosis, treatment, research, and optimal comprehensive epilepsy care.

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Global Health in Epilepsy

The Global Health Task Force has just launched an initiative to identify and connect international projects aimed at reducing the global epilepsy treatment gap, and it is now accepting ongoing, completed, and upcoming projects.

The goals are to increase collaboration, amplify impact, reduce redundancy, engage possible funders, and identify service opportunities.

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The storm in my head blows over quickly - image of poster
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Spotlight on the Swiss League Against Epilepsy

The Swiss League Against Epilepsy is using posters, online ads, a short film, and floor stickers to give people the important message that helping during a seizure is easy, and can prevent injury.

13 October, 2020
Jose Tellez-Zenteno
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In memory José F. Tellez-Zenteno

We received sad news that Dr José Tellez-Zenteno, a beloved Canadian epileptologist passed away unexpectedly on Friday Oct 2nd. He was a member of the current ILAE Surgical Commission, and previously of the Neuropsychiatry commission, and occupied several leadership positions in epileptology in Canada in Mexico and in Latin America. The epilepsy community in Canada and Latin America is deeply saddened by his untimely death.

5 October, 2020
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Please complete new survey: medical treatment in childhood epilepsy

Please take a few minutes to complete the new survey and share it with your colleagues. The survey looks at current treatment practices in 6 typical early life epilepsy scenarios. Our aim is not only to show first and second line treatment preferences, but also to illustrate that we commonly use off-label drugs in childhood epilepsies.

9 September, 2020
Neurology, The most widely read and highly cited peer-reviewed neurology journal
Clinical Research

Prevalence of MRI abnormalities in people with epilepsy in rural China

More than one-third of people with chronic epilepsy in rural China have potentially epileptogenic lesions identifiable on brain MRI, with two-thirds fulfilling the definition of pharmacoresistance. These findings highlight the magnitude of the unmet needs for epilepsy surgery in China.

17 September, 2020

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