Epilepsia® Most Downloaded Articles

Most downloaded articles during the first 12 months post-publication throughout 2021

  1. COVID-19 and seizures: Is there a link?
    Divya Vohora, Shreshta Jain, Manjari Tripathi, Heidrun Potschka
    First published: 17 September 2020
  2. Acute symptomatic seizures secondary to autoimmune encephalitis and autoimmune-associated epilepsy: Conceptual definitions
    Claude Steriade, Jeffrey Britton, Russell C. Dale, Avi Gadoth, Sarosh R. Irani, Jenny Linnoila, Andrew McKeon, Xiao-Qiu Shao, Viviana Venegas, Christian G. Bien
    First published: 16 June 2020
  3. The postictal state - What do we know?
    Julia C. M. Pottkämper, Jeannette Hofmeijer, Jeroen A. van Waarde, Michel J. A. M. van Putten
    First published: 12 May 2020
  4. New onset acute symptomatic seizure and risk factors in coronavirus disease 2019: A retrospective multicenter study
    Lu Lu, Weixi Xiong, Dan Liu, Jing Liu, Dan Yang, Nian Li, Jie Mu, Jian Guo, Weimin Li, Gang Wang, Hui Gao, Yingying Zhang, Mintao Lin, Lei Chen, Sisi Shen, Hesheng Zhang, Josemir W. Sander, Jianfei Luo, Shengli Chen, Dong Zhou
    First published: 18 April 2020
  5. Seizure detection at home: Do devices on the market match the needs of people living with epilepsy and their caregivers?
    Elisa Bruno, Pedro F. Viana, Michael R. Sperling, Mark P. Richardson
    First published: 9 May 2020
  6. A new era in electroencephalographic monitoring? Subscalp devices for ultra-long-term recordings
    Jonas Duun-Henriksen, Maxime Baud, Mark P. Richardson, Mark Cook, George Kouvas, John M. Heasman, Daniel Friedman, Jukka Peltola, Ivan C. Zibrandtsen, Troels W. Kjaer
    First published: 27 August 2020
  7. Post-COVID-19 inflammatory syndrome manifesting as refractory status epilepticus
    Elizabeth Carroll, Henry Neumann, Maria E. Aguero-Rosenfeld, Jennifer Lighter, Barry M. Czeisler, Kara Melmed, Ariane Lewis
    First published: 18 September 2020
  8. Coadministered cannabidiol and clobazam: Preclinical evidence for both pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic interactions
    Lyndsey L. Anderson, Nathan L. Absalom, Sarah V. Abelev, Ivan K. Low, Peter T. Doohan, Lewis J. Martin, Mary Chebib, Iain S. McGregor, Jonathon C. Arnold
    First published: 17 October 2019
  9. Machine learning from wristband sensor data for wearable, noninvasive seizure forecasting
    Christian Meisel, Rima El Atrache, Michele Jackson, Sarah Schubach, Claire Ufongene, Tobias Loddenkemper
    First published: 11 October 2020
  10. Continuous EEG findings in patients with COVID-19 infection admitted to a New York academic hospital system
    Jacob Pellinen, Elizabeth Carroll, Daniel Friedman, Michael Boffa, Patricia Dugan, David E. Friedman, Deana Gazzola, Amy Jongeling, Alcibiades J. Rodriguez, Manisha Holmes
    First published: 2 September 2020