Learnings from the COVID-19 Pandemic


ILAE Virtual Symposium: Learnings from the COVID Pandemic: The new normal

This virtual symposium features opportunities to gain insights from ILAE experts, learn more about current best practices, and understand how the pandemic will likely affect how we support and manage patients with epilepsy into the future. View Symposium recording

Post-symposium microlearnings

These 10 minute modules reinforce main topics from the symposium. Each module stands on its own, but viewing the whole symposium first will provide the most value.

It is recommended you work through these modules in order. Audios and videos are included, and you will be challenged with activities and quizzes. Be aware that your responses will not be saved.

1. What does COVID-19 do to the brain?

In this module you will learn about the effect COVID-19 has on the brain and how to relate the role of risk factors to potential serious outcomes for patients.

Author: Ingmar Blümcke, MD, PhD, University of Erlangen, Germany.

2. How does COVID-19 impact the treatment of your patients with epilepsy?

In this module you will learn how to identify potential challenges and required changes in the treatment of your patients with epilepsy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Author: Emilio Perucca, MD, PhD, University of Padua, Italy

3. Telemedicine – opportunities & challenges in the “New Normal”

In this module you will learn about the opportunities and the challenges of telemedicine for your daily practice and how to decide when and how you can counsel a patient through telemedicine.

Author: Helen Cross, MD, PhD, University College London, UK.