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Epigraph is the digital news journal of ILAE, covering topics and issues on clinical care, research, and the social and personal impacts of epilepsy. Current articles and back issues are available on the ILAE website. Contact us at epigraph@ilae.org with article ideas.

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Sleep and epilepsy: Dr. Birgit Frauscher

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Bidirectional links between epilepsy and sleep have been known for thousands of years. Despite nearly a century of research using EEG investigations, the relationships are still not well understood. Dr. Laurent Sheybani interviewed Dr. Birgit Frauscher about the latest in sleep research.
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Benzodiazépines pour l'état de mal épileptique : recommandations versus réalité

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Malgré les recommandations, le traitement de première intention de l'état de mal épileptique est souvent inapproprié. Des études suggèrent que jusqu'à deux tiers des patients reçoivent des doses subcliniques de benzodiazépines, soit avant d'arriver à l'hôpital, soit pendant un traitement hospitalier d'urgence. Existe-t-il des solutions ?
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Stop stigma, start exercising: How clinicians can encourage people with epilepsy to engage in physical activity

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Exercise has multiple benefits for people with epilepsy: it can improve fitness, mood, and sleep quality, and may have cognitive benefits. Yet people with epilepsy are more sedentary than the general population. What do clinicians need to know about exercise in people with epilepsy, and how can they encourage people to start?
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Dr. Andres Kanner: A career in the psychiatric aspects of epilepsy

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He is one of the best known researchers in the behavioral aspects of epilepsy, and has authored more than 250 papers and book chapters. Dr. Kanner sat down with ILAE to talk about his original goal of becoming an artist, his path to epileptology, and what has shaped him into an excellent clinician.
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