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¿La pandemia dará un impulso permanente a la telemedicina para la epilepsia?

Telemedicine in Argentina

¿La telemedicina para el cuidado de la epilepsia es más popular que nunca. Tiene muchas ventajas, pero ¿Puede sostenerse en el futuro?

Understanding new-onset refractory status epilepticus (NORSE): Awareness and research

Stylized x-ray from neck up including brain

NORSE is a rare medical emergency involving persistent seizures in someone without a history of epilepsy. Many cases appear preceded by a mild, flu-like illness. The most common identified cause of NORSE is autoimmune encephalitis; research suggests that immunotherapy should be considered when no cause is found. To learn more, listen to our podcast.

Will the pandemic give a permanent boost to telemedicine for epilepsy?

Telehealth icon

For decades, telemedicine programs have offered convenient care to people with epilepsy in underserved and rural areas. The pandemic popularized telemedicine for everyday patient care, highlighting both advantages and barriers. Will it change epilepsy care for good?

Individual vs population statistics on seizure freedom

Kwan-Brodie pie chart

A recent letter in Epilepsia highlighted a common misperception: that after two failed anti-seizure medications, a person’s chances for seizure freedom are less than 5%. This is not the case, they explain.