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Knowledge is power: Increasing epilepsy awareness in Zambia

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In early 2016, Bright Bwalya set up his computer to record himself – not for YouTube or social media, but because he wanted to know what his seizures looked like. Learning more about epilepsy became one of his passions, along with software development, cooking, poetry, and basketball. With curiosity and compassion, Bright became one of Zambia’s foremost epilepsy advocates. Listen / Transcript 

Anti-seizure medications for newly diagnosed epilepsy: Which one?

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There is still little guidance on which anti-seizure medication to select for new-onset epilepsies. The SANAD II studies, published earlier this year, provide clinically informative results for both generalized epilepsies and focal epilepsies, while highlighting the complexity involved in medication choice. Read in English | Leer en español

Epilepsy care in Zambia: “Now that we have neurologists, we will have a voice”

Logo for Sharp Waves: An epilepsy podcast from ILAE.

Introducing ILAE’s first official episode of Sharp Waves, an epilepsy podcast!

Before 2018, epilepsy in Zambia was treated as a mental illness by the health care system, and as a manifestation of demonic possession or witchcraft by many people. Epilepsy education for the public was non-existent, and specialty care almost unheard of. Zambia's first neurology training program, launched in 2018, is shifting an entire country's perception of what epilepsy is, and how to treat it. Listen / Transcript

Interview with International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) Presidents Martin Brodie and Francesca Sofia

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ILAE sat down with Martin Brodie (IBE President 2017-2021) and Francesca Sofia (IBE President 2021-2025) in July 2021 to talk about their paths to the presidency and their hopes and plans for the future of IBE. Watch the interview