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Six ways to support women's reproductive health

Pregnant woman

With a little time, some information and a few questions, neurologists can improve knowledge and reduce women’s anxiety around birth control, folic acid supplements, and pregnancy.

AEDs and pregnancy: Risks and benefits

Image of pill holder with pills

In women with epilepsy, pregnancy results in a delicate balance of AED prescription: maximizing the chances of seizure freedom while minimizing effects on the developing fetus. Learn about some of the latest research on AEDs and pregnancy, and how pregnancy registries can help advance knowledge.

Mozambique reduced its epilepsy treatment gap by 30 percentage points. Here’s how.

Stethoscope on map of Africa

In Mozambique, most people with epilepsy keep it hidden; those that seek treatment tend to visit traditional healers. With a treatment gap of almost 90 percent, the country took on an intimidating challenge: Diagnose and treat more people by increasing awareness, reducing stigma, improving medication access, and partnering with traditional healers.

Caregiver stress: When an adult child is diagnosed with epilepsy

Barbara and Greg Kalinoski

Parenting is a lifelong journey; it doesn’t stop when a child reaches the age of majority. But when an adult child starts having seizures, parents can feel especially helpless. They find themselves immersed in financial concerns, anxiety and stress about their child’s future. One family shares its story.