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After the wave subsides: Post-ictal effects

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The effects of a seizure can last for several days and have wide-ranging implications for quality of life. There are few treatments to relieve post-ictal effects, other than preventing the seizures that precede them.

Post-ictal psychosis: Identification, treatment and prevention

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Though relatively rare, post-ictal psychosis is an emergency. Who is at risk for this post-ictal issue and how can it be treated, or even prevented?.

Hold the phone: Smartphone video improves diagnostic accuracy of epilepsy and psychogenic seizures, study says

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A high-quality seizure video, taken on a smartphone, increases the accuracy of epilepsy and psychogenic seizure diagnosis compared with history and physical exam alone, says a recent study in JAMA Neurology. The study found that smartphone videos may be particularly useful for diagnosing psychogenic seizures, reducing misdiagnoses and treatment delays.

Conquering the treatment gap: Pakistan starts small, stays flexible, and never gives up

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With dedicated leaders, passionate volunteers, flexibility and persistence, Pakistan reduced its treatment gap in urban areas from about 75% to less than 25%. What the team has learned can help other low- and middle-income countries achieve success.

Stopping anti-seizure medications: Yes or no?

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Is it ever okay for adults to stop taking medication for epilepsy? Whether it’s after epilepsy surgery or after years of seizure freedom, the answers still aren’t clear, though studies have led to risk profiles for those most likely to succeed, and fail, after stopping their drugs.

AEDs and pregnancy: Risks and benefits

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In women with epilepsy, pregnancy results in a delicate balance of AED prescription: maximizing the chances of seizure freedom while minimizing effects on the developing fetus. Learn about some of the latest research on AEDs and pregnancy, and how pregnancy registries can help advance knowledge.