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Draft Neonatal Seizure classification document open for comment

The ILAE Task Force on Neonatal Seizures has created a classification for seizures in the neonate, which is intended to become the ILAE position on the classification for seizures in this age group.  As part of the approval and adoption process the League asks for its members to review and comment on the proposed classification.  These comments from our international community will then be reviewed by an independent task force, which will then amend the proposed classification to be in line with the suggestions from the community.  Read draft Neonatal Seizure Classification

Current Definitions and Classifications

The ILAE strives to provide definitions for key concepts and classification schemes that will help the world epilepsy community in developing a common language to communicate effectively regarding the many facets of epilepsy. It is also hoped that the clear terminology, based on available evidence, will help develop treatments adapted to each condition.

Definition of Epilepsy 2014

Operational Classification of Seizure Types by the ILAE (2017) Position paper of the ILAE Commission for Classification and Terminology

ILAE Classification of the Epilepsies (2017): Position paper of the ILAE Commission for Classification and Terminology

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