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New videos added! EEG & Epilepsy Teaching Courses (2021-2022): YouTube playlist
A 23-video series organized by ILAE-Asia Oceania and the Asian Epilepsy Academy

Epilepsy Surgery Case by Case / Step by Step: Webinar series

Epilepsy Surgery Case by Case / Step by Step: Mesial temporal Sclerosis webinar logo

Session X: Basi frontal epilepsy
Replay webinar from 13 August 2022

Session IX: Dorsolateral frontal lobe epilepsy including the Broca's area
Replay webinar from 28 May 2022

Session VIII: Overview of frontal lobe anatomy and networks-implications for semiology
Replay webinar from 25 March 2022

Session VII: Semiology of temporal lobe epilepsy in children and how it is different from adults
Replay webinar from 27 February 2022

Session VI: Red flags for mesial temporal lobe epilepsy and temporal plus epilepsy
Replay webinar from 29 January 2021

Session V: MRI negative temporal lobe epilepsy
Replay webinar from 4 December 2021

Session IV: Tumor and tumor like lesions causing epilepsy in temporal lobe
Replay webinar from 6 November 2021

Session III: Cortical dysplasia of temporal lobe
Reply webinar from 2 October 2021

Session II: Left mesial temporal sclerosis
Replay webinar from 1 August 2021

Session I: Right mesial temporal sclerosis
Replay webinar from 3 July 2021


Epilepsy in Asia: Disease burden, management barriers, and challenges
Eugen Trinka, Patrick Kwan, ByungIn Lee and Amitabh Dash
Version of Record online: 28 JUN 2018 | DOI: 10.1111/epi.14458

MEG Resource Facility and Center of Excellence for Epilepsy
Short film on available facilities and drug-resistant epilepsy


COVID 19 感染予防と脳波検査
(English version: Alert for EEG examinations to prevent COVID-19 infection)

More information about COVID-19 and Epilepsy from ILAE

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SUDEP Task Force Survey

The ILAE SUDEP Task Force is seeking input from physicians regarding their practices when it comes to recommendations for and prescribing of seizure detection devices.

12 September, 2022
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Wiley and ILAE Deliver Knowledge on Epilepsy Syndromes

In March 2022, Wiley and ILAE launched the Epilepsy Knowledge Hub to provide health care professionals with the latest research and guidelines to aid in diagnosis, classification, and treatment for people with epilepsy syndromes.

8 September, 2022
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Seeking comments on new ILAE position paper

The ILAE Nomenclature Task Force prepared a paper about terms to describe epilepsy medications and treatments. The paper seeks to standardize the terms we use to identify the different types and goals of epilepsy treatments. These terms will become the League’s standards following comments from the public and final approval of the edited manuscript.

29 August, 2022
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How can we support nurses caring for people with epilepsy?

The ILAE Nursing Section is committed to identifying and ensuring that the voices of nurses are heard. We need your help to understand the important needs of nurses caring for patients with epilepsy. We request you take 7-10 minutes to complete this survey.

26 August, 2022

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