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New videos added! EEG & Epilepsy Teaching Courses (2021-2022): YouTube playlist
A 23-video series organized by ILAE-Asia Oceania and the Asian Epilepsy Academy

Epilepsy Surgery Case by Case / Step by Step: Webinar series

Epilepsy Surgery Case by Case / Step by Step: Mesial temporal Sclerosis webinar logo

Session X: Basi frontal epilepsy
Replay webinar from 13 August 2022

Session IX: Dorsolateral frontal lobe epilepsy including the Broca's area
Replay webinar from 28 May 2022

Session VIII: Overview of frontal lobe anatomy and networks-implications for semiology
Replay webinar from 25 March 2022

Session VII: Semiology of temporal lobe epilepsy in children and how it is different from adults
Replay webinar from 27 February 2022

Session VI: Red flags for mesial temporal lobe epilepsy and temporal plus epilepsy
Replay webinar from 29 January 2021

Session V: MRI negative temporal lobe epilepsy
Replay webinar from 4 December 2021

Session IV: Tumor and tumor like lesions causing epilepsy in temporal lobe
Replay webinar from 6 November 2021

Session III: Cortical dysplasia of temporal lobe
Reply webinar from 2 October 2021

Session II: Left mesial temporal sclerosis
Replay webinar from 1 August 2021

Session I: Right mesial temporal sclerosis
Replay webinar from 3 July 2021


Epilepsy in Asia: Disease burden, management barriers, and challenges
Eugen Trinka, Patrick Kwan, ByungIn Lee and Amitabh Dash
Version of Record online: 28 JUN 2018 | DOI: 10.1111/epi.14458

MEG Resource Facility and Center of Excellence for Epilepsy
Short film on available facilities and drug-resistant epilepsy


COVID 19 感染予防と脳波検査
(English version: Alert for EEG examinations to prevent COVID-19 infection)

More information about COVID-19 and Epilepsy from ILAE

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Young Epilepsy Section (YES)
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Women Working in Epilepsy Survey

The ILAE Young Epilepsy Section (YES) is in support of a study to discover the experiences of women who work in the world of epilepsy, which has been approved by the IRB of Western University.

8 December, 2022
Epileptic Disorders No 2
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Epileptic Disorders Roadmap to EEGs

If you’re a neurology trainee, you’re invited to participate in the Epileptic Disorders Roadmap to EEGs.

22 November, 2022

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