European Epilepsy Education Award 2024

Andriy Dubenko

Professor Andriy Dubenko, leader researcher at the Institute of Neurology, Psychiatry and Narcology, clinical and scientific head of the Institute’s clinical base – MC “Neuron”. Clinical and scientific head of the Kharkiv regional diagnostic and treatment center for patients with epilepsy, which was created on the initiative of A. Dubenko in 2009.

President of the Ukrainian Chapter of ILAE - “Ukrainian League Against Epilepsy” (ULAE) since 2017. Initiator and head of the committee for the creation of Ukrainian protocols and recommendations for epilepsy (2014),

Organizer of annual ULAE conferences since 2014, as vice-president and since 2017 as president of the Ukrainian Chapter of ILAE. The conferences were organized both during the online pandemic and after the outbreak of a full-scale war unleashed on the Russian Federation in February 2022. In 2023, the next ULAE conference was held in a mixed mode in person and virtual.

Initiator of organizing a number of joint educational programs together with ILAE-EUROPE in Ukraine, - EEG and epilepsy courses - 2016, 2017 and 2019, East European Course of Epilepsy - 2018.

He was the initiator and organizer of translations of ILAE recommendations translated into Ukrainian, translations of presidential and chair's symposia of the International and European Epilepsy Congresses. In 2018, SCORE EEG was translated into Ukrainian and is available to Ukrainian specialists around the world

He is the initiator and organizer Ukrainian Congress on Controversies in Neurology with a large section on epilepsy. 4 congresses have been held, the 5th is planned for 2025.

ULAE official website was launched in 2017 and maintaining weekly, with a number of educational materials, including national guidelines, ILAE materials, materials from different international Epilepsy journals, news and announcements of the ULAE educational events and ULAE endorsement events. With the beginning of the full-scale invasion, a section of ULAE work during the war was created.

Since April 2020, a series of online webinars has been launched. ULAE continues online training, with 68 webinars conducted to date.

All ULAE educational programs continue despite the terrible war unleashed by the Russian Federation.