Lifetime Achievement Award 2015

Frederick Andermann

Fred Andermann’s scientific activities, dedicated to advance epilepsy knowledge, and his dedication as a clinician to the care of people with epilepsy, span a period of almost 60 years. He has shown an extraordinary ability to identify epilepsy syndromes and to assemble and motivate multidisciplinary teams of researchers to conduct further clinical investigations.

The results of his studies in such areas as cortical dysplasias, progressive myoclonic epilepsies, epilepsy surgery and genetically determined disorders have been published in 6 books and over 400 peer-reviewed articles in top journals. His monographs on alternating hemiplegia, Rasmussen’s Syndrome and migraine-epilepsy syndrome have contributed significantly to the understanding these disorders and have led to further research in these areas.

He has inspired and trained dozens of epileptologists from all over the world who became leaders in their own country. He has also been very actively engaged in ILAE activities, including his serving as ILAE Vice-President.