Social Accomplishment Award 2021

Arlette Honein

In the early ‘90’s, Mrs. Honein set up a first school for children with severe epilepsy and developmental impairments who were being rejected from regular schools. The services provided include speech and occupational therapy, physical therapy, special education and psychology. She established Avance association, a role model for the Middle East in advocating for epilepsy and educating the public. For 25 years she has provided pro bono services and financial assistance for those in most need. She has advocated tirelessly with government agencies, resulting in more funds allocated for free medicines and appropriate educational and rehabil-itative services for children with epilepsy. This exemplary work is recognized in Lebanon and the region as a model to emulate. During the financial crisis and the huge explosion that destroyed much of Beirut including the school that Mrs. Honein runs and Covid-19 restrictions, she has not wavered from her mission and dedication. Her work continues unabated and undeterred by these obstacles.