Social Accomplishment Award 2023

Cassidy Megan

Cassidy Megan is 24 years old and from Nova Scotia, Canada. She is the founder of Purple Day. Purple Day is an epilepsy awareness day that is recognized and celebrated globally every year on March 26th. Cassidy founded Purple Day in 2008 due to her own struggles with epilepsy; she wanted to find others in the world who had epilepsy and let them know that they don’t have to feel scared and afraid like she did, and wanted to let them know that they are not alone in their journey. She also wants to teach those without epilepsy to not be afraid and how to help someone if they see them having a seizure. Over the years working on Purple Day and with epilepsy advocacy, Cassidy has had the honour of speaking across the globe both virtually and in person at various organizations, hospitals, schools, universities, epilepsy associations, conferences, webinars and events. Cassidy has spoken in person in places such as six cities in Japan, five states in India, various places within the United States and Canada. She has participated in virtual events, Instagram Lives, conferences and webinars with organizations, chapters of the IBE and ILAE and medical professionals in places like Brazil, Australia, Africa, Ukraine, Korea, UK, as well places across the USA, Canada, and more. Cassidy also has a YouTube channel where she posts a podcast called Unmasked with Cassidy Megan; in this podcast she interviews those living with epilepsy as well as professionals in the epilepsy field covering topics such EEGs, Keto diet, VNS, memory, mental health and more.