Social Accomplishment Award 2015

Shung-Lon Lai

Soon after the start of his medical career, Shunglon observed the huge impact of stigma in epilepsy and was encouraged by his teacher, Dr Marshall Hsih, to help people with epilepsy deal with the social issues they encountered. He has raised funds and established employment projects, including a bakery and a second-hand shop. A cycle race in 2007 with 3,000 participants gained huge media publicity.

As IBE Vice President for the Western Pacific region (2005-2013) he helped establish strong ties with new members and potential future members and visited China, Mongolia, Viet Nam, Laos, and the Philippines to hold conferences or provide training, often at his own expense.

He has devoted his academic life to research in epilepsy and caring for people with epilepsy and was chief of the epilepsy section at the Department of Neurology of Kaohsiung Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan.

His dream is that people living with epilepsy will not suffer from the disease as they have in the past.