11th EPODES Basic - Online theoretical part

ILAE Comprehensive Epilepsy Surgery Course Series


24 - 28 January 2022

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11th EPODES Basic - course evaluation results

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The course will be online through the virtual ZOOM Professional platform.

The registration fee is 400 €, more info is available on the course website.
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The instructions and your access data will be provided to you before the course.

Course description

11th EPODES Basic is an interactive course on surgically remediable epilepsies, presurgical evaluation, scalp and intracranial EEG, neuropsychology, imaging and psychiatric issues of surgical patients before and after surgery. EPODES courses are organized in three-year cycles. This year the course will be dedicated to epilepsy surgery focused on mainly basic information including selection of surgical candidates, presurgical evaluation, different focal epilepsies. And surgical techniques with outcome.

The course is organized as part of the European Project of Development of Epilepsy Surgery Programs (EPODES) under aegis and with funding from Commissions of Epilepsy Surgery and European Affairs of ILAE.

11th EPODES Basic - Annoucement

11th EPODES Basic - Programme

Group of people displaying their certificates after successfully completing the EPODES course.
Past EPODES successfully completed


Christoph Baumgartner (Austria), Sallie Baxendale (UK), Sandor Beniczky (Denmark), Ingmar Blümcke (Germany), Milan Brázdil (Czech Republic), Helen Cross (UK), Dániel Fabó (Hungary), Philippe Kahane (France), Pavel Kršek (Czech Republic), Petr Marusič (Czech Republic), Marco Mula (UK), Çiğdem Özkara (Turkey), Ivan Rektor (Czech Republic), Bertil Rydenhag (Sweden)


400 € Online theoretical part - includes individual access to the stream (meeting ID, meeting psw) and the record of the course available for 3 months.

Requirements for application

  1. Neurologist, pediatric neurologist, neurosurgeon or clinical electrophysiologist with interest in epilepsy surgery. Also
    junior members of established teams are welcomed.
  2. All application forms have to be accompanied by a CV and a recommendation letter from the director of the hospital
    or chair of the department.
  3. Adequate knowledge of English to follow the course and participate in the discussions is needed.

The course starts on 24 January and finishes on 28 January.

Bursary information

Please note that number of bursaries is limited. Should you choose to apply for bursary for this course, you won’t be able to ask for bursary for other ILAE courses in the same year. Also, priority in getting the bursary will be given to participants who attend the EPODES course for the first time.

Deadline for bursary applications: 15 August 2021

Deadline for all applications: 20 January 2022

To apply, please fill in an ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM and Accommodation, Transfer & Payment FORM on the course website.