20th Advanced San Servolo Epilepsy Course

Presurgical investigation in the precision medicine era

San Servolo (Venice), Italy

21 July - 1 August 2024

The aim of the 20th Advanced San Servolo Epilepsy Course is to teach attendees to: (1) utilize basic knowledge to study patients candidate to epilepsy surgery with imaging and electrophysiological techniques; (2) understand the nature and evolution of surgically remediable epilepsies; (3) recognize and select patients with drug-resistant epilepsy that may benefit of surgical treatment; (4) plan neurophysiological, video EEG and imaging investigations and interpret their results in the clinical context; (5) manage an Epilepsy Surgery team. The Course is targeted to neurologists, neuropediatricians, neurophysiologists, neuroradiologists, neurosurgeons and clinical neuroscientists interested in the pathophysiology, diagnosis and management of pharmacoresistant epilepsies, and in the development of epilepsy surgery programs. The Course is based on frontal teaching, practical sessions, special group activities and presentation of clinical cases. Attendees will be grouped in small teams to prepare a research project on pharmacoresistant epilepsy under the supervision of two faculty tutors.

Faculty: Fernando Cendes, Carlo Marras, Albert Becker, Luca De Palma, Vadym Gnatkovsky, Jorge Gonsales Martines, Christoph Helmstaedter, Hans Holtausen, Sam Lathoo, Aileen McGonigal, Michele Rizzi, Laura Tassi, Kette Valente, Anna Vaudano, Sara Baldassarri, Sandor Beniczky, Stefan Rampp, Helen Cross, Rita Garbelli, Andy McEvoy, Veronica Pelliccia, Domenico Tortora

Registration fee: 3.300 € in single room; 2.800 € in shared two-bed room (w VAT and bank fees). The registration fee includes: 

  • Accommodation from 21 - 31 July 2024 (11 nights) 
  • Full board and coffee breaks for the entire duration of the course 
  • Access to the course apps and to the Venice International University facilities 

Application forms should be sent to the attention of Valentina Guarino at epilepsysummercourse@univiu.org or via fax at +39-02-700445211. Application deadline: 15 January 2024 

A limited number of fellowships that cover registration and local expenses (not travel costs) will be available. Fellowship requests deadline: 31 December 2023