28th Korean Epilepsy Congress

Dregon City Hotel in Seoul, Korea

23 - 24 June 2023

Dear friends and colleagues,

It is my great honor to host the 28th Korean Epilepsy Congress (KEC 2023), organized by the Korean Epilepsy Society (KES) in Seoul, during 23-24 June 2023.

Since the first meeting was held in 1996, KES has accomplished a big progress in the field of clinical activity including diverse diagnostic tools, therapeutic options and basic research. Since the KES 2015 meeting, we have been holding the Korean Epilepsy Coagress as an international meeting to establish world-class views and encourage more communication among countries.

We are happy to invite you to join us again for the face-to-face meeting that will enhance participants' experiences and make us understand new concepts in field of epilepsy.

The 28th KEG meeting will be an opportunity to learn directly from experts, explore creative ideas in the epilepsy clinics and research through the community of the global professionals, and expand the frontiers of research.

Also, as one of the rare epilepsy neurosurgeons in Korea, I would like to highlight the important role of epilepsy surgery, which is underutilized world-wide because of sorrne barriers that we should break through mutual understandings.

I look forward to seeing all friends in Seoul enjoying positive discussions on the improvement of epilepsy research.

Thank you,

Dong-Seok KIM
Congress President
KEC 2023 Korean Epilepsy Congress