3rd Educational Symposium of the Psychiatry Commission

Epilepsy and Psychiatric Disorders throughout Life


27 November 2021

ILAE Curriculum Learning Objectives addressed by this course

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The neurobehavioral comorbidities are a major source of psychosocial disability and mortality in children and adults with new-onset or drug-resistant epilepsy. They impact the course of the disease, patient psychosocial functioning and quality if life, and the social and economic burden placed on families and the community. Neurobehavioral comorbidities serve as a prognostic marker of the clinical course of epilepsy, being associated with antiepileptic drug-resistance, increased seizure severity, seizure recurrence, and poorer outcomes after epilepsy surgery. Thus, a failure to assess and treat neurobehavioral comorbidities can directly undermine the efficacy and outcomes of medical treatment. The Psychiatric Commission recognizes that behavioral and psychiatric disorders are core features in epilepsy. An understanding of key elements of the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric issues in patients with epilepsy is essential for clinicians working in the field.

This symposium aims to provide state-of-the-art updates on key psychiatric issues in epilepsy considering diagnosis (Part 1), and treatment (Part 2). Additionally, in a dynamic interaction, the Psychiatric Commission will discuss real cases and the possible approach considering the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy and its comorbidities (Part 3).
This is the 3rd Educational Symposium and the previous symposiums had more than 200 attendees on-site (2019) and on-line (2020). The Commission recognizes that with a virtual platform, we will be able to provide this knowledge to a broader audience.

The program content is appropriate for practicing Adult and Pediatric Neurologists as well as epileptologists, trainees/fellows, mid-level providers, and health care providers in charge of patients with epilepsy. The course features invited nationally and internationally renowned faculty.