3rd Qatar International Epilepsy School - VIRTUAL

Virtual event, entirely online

14 - 16 January 2021

Course Program - 3rd Qatar International Epilepsy School

Register here: https://qatarinternationalepilepsyschool.vistream.tv/
Registration is free and participants will receive 18.75 CME(CPD) points

Dear colleagues,

We would like to invite you to attend this important virtual scientific and educational international epilepsy School , to be held online exceptionally this year from January 14th to January 16th ,2021.

Qatar International Epilepsy School will provide neurologists ,fellows ,neurology residents and all health practitioners taking care of people with epilepsy with a comprehensive epilepsy educational program. In this intensive course, the attendees will learn up to date classical epileptology and recent opinions regarding hot topics from some of the leading epileptology experts in the world. This 3 day educational program will facilitate learning through slide presentation .

"This activity is a Group Learning Activity (with high CME …) as defined by the Qatar Council of Health Practitioners – Accreditation has been requested to QCHP"

Looking forward to your attendance
B. Mesraoua, MD, FAAN (Qatar), Course Principal. Contact Boulenouar Mesraoua

H. Al Hail, MD, FAAN (Qatar), Vice Course Principal

Ali A. Asadi-Pooya, MD, (USA-Iran), Vice Course Principal

G.Melikyan,MD,FAAN (Qatar), Vice Course Principal

G.Alorcon,MD,(Qatar), Vice Course Principal

Guest Faculty and national speakers
Dr. Ali A. Asadi-Pooya, M.D., (USA-Iran),
Ali Ayad, M.D.,(Qatar)
Dr. Samuel Wiebe, M.D., (Canada),
Dr. Emilio Perucca, M.D., (Italy),
Dr. Thanos Covanis, M.D., (Greece),
Dr. Michael Sperling, M.D., (USA),
Dr. Bernhard Schuknecht, M.D., (Switzerland),
Dr Torbjorn Tomson, M.D., (Sweden),
Dr. Martin Brodie, M.D., (Scotland),
Dr Antonio Valentin (Spain)
Dr. Naim Haddad, M.D., (Qatar),
Dr. G. Alarcon, M.D., (Qatar),
Dr. Hassan Al Hail, M.D., (Qatar),
Dr. Gayane Melikyan, M.D., (Qatar),
Dr. B. Mesraoua, M.D., (Qatar)
Dr Osama Elalamy (Qatar)
B. Sirajeddin , M.D.(Qatar)
Dr Yasser Osman (Qatar)
Dr Alfateh (Qatar)

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this course participants will learn about :

  • Classification of epilepsy
  • Identify and define epilepsy symptoms
  • Know and manage epilepsy and use of antiepileptic drugs
  • Epilepsy in special situations: women and elderly
  • Identify the principles of neuro-imaging in Epilepsy
  • Management of Status Epilepticus Define surgical procedures and indications for pre-operative assessment for epilepsy surgery

Course Program - 3rd Qatar International Epilepsy School