Annual Meeting on Imaging and Electrophysiology in Neurology, Neurosurgery and (cognitive) Neuroscience (AMIE)

Online (via GoTo Webinar) - a methodological conference

13 - 15 September 2021

Registration is now open: Registration and more information at

Welcome to the 2021 Annual Meeting on Imaging and Electrophysiology in Neurology, Neurosurgery and (cognitive) Neuroscience. This online Neurotech conference offers a platform for multidisciplinary discussion of multiple imaging and electrophysiological methods being applied in the neuro-sector (see below). Workshop leaders are experts in their method who invite colleagues from other research areas to contribute their experience.

In addition to the scientific workshops, there will be topic specific investigators fora on Monday and Tuesday evening in which results of own research (electronic poster or oral presentation) and planned and running studies open for participation can be presented.

Check out the preliminary program here: www.amie.academyAll workshop leaders are ready to receive suggestions for your contributions until 1 month before the AMIE starts.

Registration for the AMIE will open in mid June 2021.

The fee for participating in the scientific workshops is 50€, participation in the evening investigators fora is free.

Currently planned scientific workshops:

  • Artificial intelligence in CT, MRI and histology evaluation: algorithms, general and technical issues
  • Artificial intelligence assisted MRI diagnosis, including lesion detection, classification and grading
  • Artificial intelligence in computational pathology: From molecular alterations to changes in microscopic tissue structure
  • Artificial intelligence applied to Electrophysiology: EEG, MEG, EMG, evoked potentials etc.
  • Electrical and Magnetic Source Imaging in Neurology, Epileptology and Cognitive Neuroscience: general and methodological issues
  • Application of Electrical and Magnetic Source Imaging in epileptology: challenges in predicting the spike and seizure onset
  • Electrical and Magnetic Source Imaging and event related potentials in Cognitive Neurosciences: usefulness, technical limitations
  • Invasive EEG in cognitive neuroscience including microwire recordings
  • Structural and functional connectivity analysis in brain: updates from psychiatry, neurology and cognitive neuroscience
  • Non-resective Neurosurgery with RF-thermocoagulation, laser ablation, and radiosurgery: old and new indications, methodological issues, outcomes
  • The epileptogenic zone: current concepts and methods to define it in individual epilepsy patients (with particular emphasis on epilepsy surgery)
  • Brain computer interfaces
  • Wearables and big data in Epileptology (and Neurology)
  • Non-invasive Stimulation in Epilepsy and beyond
  • Predicting the action of ASM in patients by functional brain imaging (E/MSI, fMRI, TMS)
  • Telemedicine solutions in neurology