Annual Meeting on Imaging in Epilepsy, Epilepsy Surgery, Epilepsy Research and Cognitive Neurosciences (AMIE 2021)

Bochum, Germany

13 - 15 September 2021

The AMIE is a unique multidisciplinary forum that invites all individuals (neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists, neuroscientist, and engineers) with an interest in:

  • development,
  • application,
  • processing and
  • interpretation of neuroimaging.

Unlike congresses of thematic societies, the AMIE does not focus on results of examinations and studies but on the underlying technical aspects. Join our ...

AMIE scientific workshops on

  • DTI-tractography and structural network analysis
  • fMRI and functional network analysis
  • Electrical and magnetic source imaging in epileptology and cognitive neurosciences
  • Simulation-based approaches in epilepsy surgery
  • Microwire recordings
  • Brain MRI volumetry and morphomery across various indications
  • Artificial intelligence for automated lesion detection
  • Stereo-EEG: planning and implantation
  • Multimodal neuronavigation including VR/AR
  • Coagulation planning
  • Non-resective surgery: radiofrequency-thermocoagulation, laser coagulation and radiosurgery
  • Imaging the epileptic seizure
  • MR-physics
  • Tele-medicine

AMIE sponsored workshops (application trainings of companies offering solutions for neuro-clinicians and –scientists)

AMIE exhibition

The AMIE is a twin-event with the Summer School on Imaging (SuSIE 2021) which provides clinical lectures and hands-on-workshops for epileptologists on Imaging in Epilepsy, Epilepsy Surgery, Epilepsy Research and Cognitive Neurosciences.

Enter the AMIE Permanent Virtual Exhibition here