Eastern Mediterranean Epilepsy Course

Baghdad, Iraq

9 - 10 August 2023


  1. Definition, classification of seizure and epilepsy
  2. Semiology, localizing regions
  3. EEG diagnosis and management
  4. Brain imaging in seizure and epilepsy.
  5. Epileptic syndromes in neonates and infants
  6. Idiopathic (genetic) epilepsies
  7. Anti seizure medications
  8. When to start when to stop treatment
  9. Autoimmune epilepsies
  10. Cognitive and psychiatric morbidities
  11. Management of epilepsy in elderly
  12. Management of epilepsy in women
  13. Use of anti seizure medications in refractory epilepsy
  14. ILAE-Eastern Mediterranean: History, mission, and future
  15. Comprehensive and alternative medicine in MENA region
  16. Telemedicine in epilepsy care: Moroccan and African experience
  17. Reflex epilepsy
  18. Genetics in epilepsy
  19. Intersectoral Global Action Plan (IGAP) on Epilepsy and other Neurological Disorders 2022-2031
  20. VNS experiences in Iraq
  21. Challenges of Video EEG monitoring
  22. Epileptic encephalopathies: EEG correlates