Philippine League Against Epilepsy 11th National Epilepsy Congress

Epilepsy Care: Pandemic and Beyond

Virtual Congress

22 - 25 September 2021

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Symposium 1: EEG Didactics
  • EEG in the Special Units
  • Common Pitfalls in EEG Reading
  • Brain DEath Recording: Technical Requirements
  • EEG Pattern Progression
Symposium 2: Epilepsy and the Pandemic
  • Optimizing Care for Persons with Epilepsy (PWES) and Beyond
  • Telemedicine in Epilepsy: Philippine Context Panelists
  • Anti-Seizure Medications: Drug Interactions
  • COVID-19 Vaccines and Epilepsy
Symposium 3: Neuroimagining in Epilepsy
  • Functional MRI (FMRI) for Presurgical for Epilepsy Surgery
  • Neuroimaging of Epilepsy
  • Video EEG
  • Technical and Clinical Application of Video EEG
  • Role of Video EEG in Epilepsy Surgery
Symposium 4: Epilepsy, Mind and Behavior
  • The Neurobiology of Anxiety and Depression
  • Psychosis in Epilepsy: Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Anxiety and Depression: Screening, Diagnosis, and Pharmacological Treatment in Children and Adolescents
  • ADHD in Epilepsy
  • Psychological Treatment of Psychiactric Co-Morbities in Children and Adolescents
Symposium 5: Epilepsy Frontiers
  • Electrical Stimulation: Mapping and the Brain
  • Cytopathies in Epilepsy: Diagnosis and Teatment
  • Targeted Pharmacological Treatments for Specific Epilepsy Syndromes