Acute Seizure Treatments: Are they part of your patient’s care plan?

27 March 2024,  20:00 - 21:00 Coordinated Universal Time

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Australia 7 am | US East Coast 4 pm | US West Coast 1 pm | France 9 pm | Kenya 11 pm | India 1:30am

Seizure treatments have evolved to include both chronic anti-seizure medications (ASMs) along with rescue treatments to stop acute seizure events. Both forms of treatment should be incorporated into patient care, with regular assessments of effectiveness.  The focus of this webinar is to promote an understanding of the benefits of acute seizure treatments, also called seizure rescue.

Rescue medications offer the opportunity to eliminate or minimize the negative consequences of prolonged or repetitive seizures. Rescue medication provides patients and caregivers with a sense of control, and greater confidence to safely manage acute events in a timely way. Individualized patient and family education is essential to effective, appropriate seizure management, and is a vital component of comprehensive epilepsy care. 


  1. Understand the role of benzodiazepines for acute seizure treatment.
  2. Assess the clinical utility of available acute treatments to address patient/carer needs.
  3. Identify teaching approaches to develop a shared understanding with the patient/carer of when and how to use an acute treatment.

Topics & Speakers

  • Benzodiazepines to the Rescue: A closer look at outpatient acute seizure management - Lucretia Long, DNP, FAES, Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology, Division of Epilepsy, The Ohio State University, Ohio USA
  • Three clinical vignettes: Nursing challenges and lessons learned
    • Case #1: Sandi Dewar, APRN, Ph.D., FAES, FAAN, Assistant Professor, Epilepsy Program Manager, Department of Neurology, Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia, USA
    • Case #2: Melissa Bartley, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Comprehensive Epilepsy Service, Western Sydney Local Health District, Westmead Hospital, Australia
    • Case #3: Katherinne Moreno Duran, Nurse, Clinical and Research, Uruguayan Patriots Hospital, Epilepsy Chilean League, Chile
  • Questions and discussion

Moderator: Nancy Santilli, NP, MSN, FAAN, Epilepsy Specialist Consultant, CA USA. Introductions

Organizer: Nursing Section

ILAE Nursing Section
Acute Seizure Treatments:
Are they part of your patient's care plan?
27 March 2024
20:00 - 21:00 UTC
Moderator: Nancy Santilli (USA)
Benzodiazepines to the Rescue: Lucretia Long (USA)
Case #1: Sandi Dewar (USA)
Case #2: Mellisa Bartley (Australia)
Case #3: Katherine Moreno Duran (Chile)