Climate change and health: the challenge for neurology

15 May 2023,  12:00 - 13:30 Coordinated Universal Time

Replay Webinar

Climate change is with us. As professionals in neurology who place value on evidence-based practice, climate change is something we cannot ignore. Links between climate change and neurological conditions are likely to be multifactorial, complex, and often indirect, which makes predictions difficult. Identifying possible climate-driven altered risks would help us to develop evidence for mitigation methods to do more to protect persons with neurological disorders from the effects of climate change. This webinar is being organised on International Climate Change Day to raise awareness, and to inform the wider neurology audience about initiatives being take in this regard. It will include talks from representatives of the three organisations and the patient perspective, as well as an interactive poll to gauge audience views. 

Climate change and health: the challenge for neurology - webinar schedule


  • Climate change researcher perspective
  • Patient perspective
  • Neurological associations perspective
  • Climate change and epilepsy
  • Neurological impact of climate change
  • Global warming and neurological disorders

Learning Objectives

  • Develop broad engagement with neurology colleagues
  • Recognise how climate change can impact your patients and practice
  • Identify opportunities to engage in research to mitigate impacts