Hidden nature of seizures

Clinical and experimental epilepsy webinar series

5 October 2022,  18:00 - 19:00 Central European Time

Speaker: Prof. Premysl Jiruska

How seizures emerge from the abnormal dynamics of neural networks within the epileptogenic tissue remains an enigma. Are seizures random events, or do detectable changes in brain dynamics precede them? Are mechanisms of seizure emergence identical at the onset and later stages of epilepsy? Is the risk of seizure occurrence stable, or does it change over time? A myriad of questions about seizure genesis remains to be answered to understand the core principles governing seizure genesis. The last decade has brought unprecedented insights into the complex nature of seizure emergence. It is now believed that seizure onset represents the product of the interactions between the process of a transition to seizure, long-term fluctuations in seizure susceptibility, epileptogenesis, and disease progression. During the lecture, we will review the latest observations about mechanisms of ictogenesis operating at multiple temporal scales. We will show how the latest observations contribute to the formation of a comprehensive theory of seizure genesis, and challenge the traditional perspectives on ictogenesis. Finally, we will discuss how combining conventional approaches with computational modeling, modern techniques of in vivo imaging, and genetic manipulation open prospects for exploration of yet hidden mechanisms of seizure genesis.