XV Workshop on Neurobiology of Epilepsy (WONOEP 2019)

What is a Seizure?

Ayutthaya, Thailand

16 - 20 June 2019

WONOEP 2019 was organized by the WONOEP Task Force of the ILAE Neurobiology Commission and the Neurobiology Commission of the ILAE.

Scientific Organizing Committee

Aristea S. Galanopoulou, Terence O’Brien, Marco de Curtis, Ozlem Akman, Marcio Moraes, Tomonori Ono, Raman Sankar

The main topic of WONOEP XV, a satellite event of the 33nd ILAE/IBE International Epilepsy Congress, was WHAT IS A SEIZURE? The overall purpose of WONOEP XV was to discuss working definitions and classification schemes for epileptic seizures across the lifespan, improve methods of seizure recognition, detection, and classification and facilitate translation across species.

WONOEP XV was dedicated to Professor Uwe Heinemann for his invaluable contributions in understanding the mechanisms and pathogenesis of seizures and epilepsy and WONOEP meetings.

  • Session A: What is a focal onset seizure?
  • Session B: What is generalized onset seizure?
  • Session C: What is seizure in an immature rodent?
  • Session D: What is the borderland between epileptic events and non-epileptic events