YES Events During the 13th European Congress on Epileptology

Vienna, Austria

27 - 30 August 2018

You are invited to the Young Epilepsy Section of the ILAE events during the 13th European Congress on Epileptology:

27 August , 16h15: Epilepsy Awareness Run

  • Meeting point: YES Booth, Exhibition Hall
  • No registration needed, no fee! Just join us at 16h15!
  • Bring your shoes - cloak room provided

Details about YES Epilepsy Awareness Run

With this event, we aim to raise awareness for our initiative and collect donations to support the Epilepsy Alliance Europe and their projects.


28 August, 13h30: YES Translational Brainstorming Session

  • Business Suite 4
  • No registration needed

Topic for discussion:

  • Biomarkers of epileptogenicity: evidence from animals models and human patients

Moderators: Simona Baldessarini (UK), Vadym Gnatkovsky (IT), Christos Lisgaras (USA)

YES Networking ECE 2018

28 August, 19h: YES Networking Event

  • 25hours Hotel, Museumsquartier, Vienna
  • Add to your online congress registration or or onsite at the registration desk
  • 30€ entrance fee includes welcome drink and buffet dinner

During this informal get-together in a relaxed atmosphere looking over Vienna from a stunning roof-top bar, we hope to meet as many Young Epileptologists as possible and spend a great evening together.

Contributions by:

  • Helen Cross: YES - The changing face of the ILAE
  • Eugen Trinka: ILAE Europe - where are we going?

For directions, menu, and more, check out our flyer!

29 August, 16h: YES Q&A - An introduction to our initiatives and how to get involved

  • Galerie 1&2, Level 1
  • No registration needed

Everybody who is interested in learning more about our initiatives, upcoming plans, and how to get involved is welcome to join.

30 August, 14h: YES Forum: "Your First Epilepsy Research Project"

  • Room: Schubert 4
  • No registration needed
  • Program:

    • Empowering the next generation of epileptology - ILAE Young Epilepsy Section
      Christos Lisgaras (USA)
    • Developing a novel model of epilepsy; reducing KCC2 in the adult mouse hippocampus
      Matt Kelley (USA)
    • Sex- and age-specific functions of GABAA receptors through development and in epilepsy
      Aristea Galanopoulou (USA)
    • Clinical research on epilepsy: challenges for younger investigators
      Marina Alvim (Brazil)
    • Moving forward with interventions in complex childhood epilepsy
      Helen Cross (UK)
    • Chair: Christos Lisgaras

YES Booth: Throughout the congress

  • Visit us anytime during the Congress and get to know our members.
  • Learn more about YES events at the ECE and upcoming plans
  • Sign up and get involved!

YES Poster Prize: If you are under 40 or still in training, mark your poster with a YES sticker

  • You´ll be given a YES sticker at the registration desk or you can stop by our booth to get one – simply mark your poster with the sticker and and give your best presentation at the poster session
  • The ILAE will honor the best posters with two poster prizes – one for the best clinical research work and one for basic science work

Learn more about Young Epilepsy Section (YES) on our home page, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter !