Aicardi's Diseases of the Nervous System in Childhood (4th ed)

Aicardi's Diseases of the Nervous System in Childhood (4th ed)


Dr. Jean Aicardi, M.D., FRCP
Alexis Arzimanoglou
Anne O'Hare
Michael V. Johnston
Robert Ouvrier


Mac Keith Press

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This classic text on paediatric neurology is now in its fourth edition. Leading academics from around the world present evidence from their various areas of expertise, placing it firmly in the clinical context. Each chapter covers the basic science of the disorder and relevant genetic advances. New to this edition are chapters on fetal neurology, movement disorders, basal ganglia disease and psychogenic disorders. References at the end of each chapter are thorough, guiding the clinician to relevant further reading. The international team of editors has maintained the clinical approach of the late Jean Aicardi, which distinguishes this book from others in the field. Succinctly given, patient-focused information makes Aicardi’s Diseases of Nervous System in Childhood a comprehensive yet readable resource for busy clinicians in paediatric neurology, general paediatrics, neurodisability and all the related medical disciplines.

Extracts from the Preface by Jean Aicardi:

Diseases of the Nervous System in Childhood is meant for physicians with an interest in paediatric neurological diseases, whether paediatricians, neurologists, child neurologists or physicians dedicated to developmental medicine, and deals only with diseases of the nervous system. It is resolutely clinically oriented but, when necessary, some notions concerning pathogenesis and mechanisms are provided.

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Readership: Paediatricians, neurologists, child neurologists, and physicians in developmental medicine.

ISBN: 9781909962804


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