Epilepsy: A Global Approach

Epilepsy: A Global Approach


Ennapadam S. Krishnamoorthy
Simon Shorvon
Steven C Schachter, M.D.


Cambridge University Press

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This comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to epilepsy compares and contrasts scientific knowledge, clinical experience and social consciousness between Western and non-Western cultures, enhancing transcultural understanding and providing a paradigm for an integrative, truly global health policy for this disorder. Topics covered include pharmacological and non-pharmacological management of epilepsy; care models and traditional medical systems; service organization in resource-limited countries; cultural perspectives on consequences of epilepsy; social, anthropological, economic, political, and spiritual issues related to living with epilepsy; infectious and non-infectious causes and risk-factors; region-specific syndromes. Uniquely drawing attention to both a medical perspective and the burden of living with epilepsy, this is a must-have reference work for epileptologists, neurologists, epidemiologists, medical policymakers and health administrators in both the developed and developing world.

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ISBN-13: 978-1107035379


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