Epilepsy: Models, Mechanisms & concepts

Epilepsy: Models, Mechanisms & concepts


Philip A. Schwartzkroin


Cambridge University Press

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Advances in epilepsy research are occurring at a rapid rate, resulting in a bewildering wealth of data. The implications of this new knowledge for future research and clinical practice can be confusing. This volume concentrates on the concepts and models of epilepsy that have been developed as a result of this research. Written by prominent researchers in the field, it describes and discusses the relevant models used to address critical questions, and reviews the most up-to-date issues. Chapters focus on the pathways and mechanisms through which seizure activity is initiated and spread, in both normal and abnormal brain tissues, and discuss the special properties of epileptogenesis in the immature brain. In a field in which rapid advances lead to constant update of empirical data, this book takes a conceptual approach to the subject and provides a solid framework within which to understand the emerging issues.

Published: February 2007

ISBN: 9780521033503


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