Epilepsy Simplified

Epilepsy Simplified


John Paul Leach, MD
Rebecca O'Dwyer, MD



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The choice of information sources for epilepsy is wide, varying hugely in the depth of detail and the breadth of approach, from the behaviour of single cells to the outcome in whole sections of the population. This book is intended to act both as a stimulus and guide for everyday management of epilepsy for all clinicians treating patients with this condition. The readership of this book will include the following: neurologists, general physicians, doctors in training, hospital pharmacists, primary care physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners.

Dr John Paul Leach and Dr Rebecca O'Dwyer are neurologists based in Glasgow and Washington, respectively. They have jointly produced this work to make the process of diagnosing and treating epilepsy as accessible as possible, and to debunk the myths around this common neurological disorder. Chapters deal separately with individual issues, and also provide clear answers to specific queries. Drs O'Dwyer and Leach have produced a very readable summary of their experience and knowledge, which will benefit both doctors and patients alike.


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