Evidence-based Management of Epilepsy

Evidence-based Management of Epilepsy


Steven C Schachter, M.D.


TFM Publishing, LTD

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The clinical management of patients with epilepsy and the associated medical literature are rapidly evolving. Evidence-based Management of Epilepsy differs from other epilepsy textbooks. It focuses specifically on topics where the available evidence is sufficiently well developed to be synthesized into straightforward summaries of proven therapies, and when evidence is missing or there is doubt, controversy or ambiguity, the distinguished authors offer treatment recommendations based on practice guidelines or consensus statements.

The initial chapters cover critically important aspects of antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) and surgical treatment, such as when to start and stop AEDs, how to monitor their effectiveness, special considerations in women who become pregnant, and when to consider surgery to alleviate seizures. The following chapters cover the treatment of concomitant depression and anxiety in patients with epilepsy, and emerging topics in epilepsy, such as the treatment of the post-ictal state, technologies to predict and detect seizures, strategies for closing the treatment gap and sudden unexpected death in epilepsy. The final chapters discuss behavioral therapies in the treatment of adults with epilepsy, herbal remedies, the treatment of epilepsy and related comorbidities in patients with intellectual disability, and the treatment of psychogenic non-epileptic seizures.
The contributors are renowned experts in their fields who have succinctly presented state-of-the-art reviews based on the medical evidence designed to help the clinician be as best informed as possible in the care of patients with epilepsy. In this new volume, the authors present an expert analysis and offer evidence-based recommendations for the treatment of epilepsy. For any clinician who cares for patients with epilepsy, this book will be a valuable aid to treatment planning and long-term management.


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