MRI-Negative Epilepsy

MRI-Negative Epilepsy


Philippe Ryvlin
Elson L. So


Cambridge University Press

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Drug-resistant epilepsy with negative MRI is frequently seen in patients considered for epilepsy surgery; however, clinical evaluation and surgical treatment is very complex and challenging. Advanced imaging techniques are needed to detect the location of the epileptogenic zone. In most cases, intracranial EEG recording is required to delineate the region of seizure onset - this carries some risks of major complications. Moreover, the borders between the recorded seizure onset and the location of important brain functions are often indistinct in MRI-negative epilepsy. Overall, the outcome of MRI-negative surgery is less favorable than that of MRI-positive surgery, but it can significantly improve with optimal management.

Each chapter critically appraises the role and value of specific diagnostic and treatment techniques to address the challenges of MRI-negative epilepsy surgery. Authors critique evidence and share their expertise on the diagnostic options and surgical approaches that make epilepsy surgery possible and worthwhile in patients with this condition.

  • Content clearly organized by diagnostic and treatment options and approaches, and by the type of refractory epilepsy - helps readers learn and evaluate each diagnostic tool or treatment modality, and recognize the most appropriate ones for their own clinical or research settings
  • State-of-the-art discussion and critical assessment of each diagnostic or treatment technique - permits readers to compare the strengths and limitations of each technique, and researchers to recognize areas that need further investigations
  • Case discussions demonstrating the usefulness of specific diagnostic tools and treatment techniques - enhances readers' appreciation of how the tools and techniques are clinically applied, with the intended outcomes demonstrated

Philippe Ryvlin and Elson So are graciously donating the editors’ royalties of their book to the ILAE


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