Nina's Courage in Epilepsy

Nina's Courage in Epilepsy


Nadia Q Davies

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Length: 103 pps
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Nina lived her entire life with a secret. Beginning in infancy, she was one of as many as seventy million people worldwide living with epilepsy. Despite the grave diagnosis, she put on a brave face and fought the misunderstood disease until it took her life at age fifty-two.

Epilepsy remains a mystery, weighted down with stigma. Nina called it a “dark cloud” that followed her throughout her life, when seizures struck with a vengeance and often without warning. She underwent two serious brain surgeries, but the disease was a battle she fought daily.

In this volume Nina’s mother lifts the veil on epilepsy. It is Nadia’s deepest wish that the book will offer honesty and insight into a discussion of epilepsy that is desperately needed. This is Nina Davies inspirational story of hope and triumph over adversity. It will touch your heart and be one you will never forget.

Reader review:

The story of what it is like to have a family member with epilepsy, as told through the eyes of a mother. This is the true story of how Nina deals with and overcomes the struggles associated with the stigma of having seizures as a child, adolescent, and adult, and how those life lessons helped her as a teacher of children with disabilities.

Few books address the courage it takes to deal day-to-day with a disease like epilepsy. Yet, despite these challenges, Nina eventually earned a Ph.D. Nina's story is also areminder of how treatment of neurological diseases like epilepsy can sometimes be approached differently. In this case Nina was treated with a temporal lobectomy in a pioneering newurosurgical program at UCLA in the 1970s, which subsequently changed her life. (Gary Mathern, MD)


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