Pediatric Epilepsy Case Studies: From Infancy and Childhood Through Adolescence

Pediatric Epilepsy Case Studies: From Infancy and Childhood Through Adolescence


Kevin Chapman, MD
Jong Rho, MD


CRC Press

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Length: 285 pages
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Publication date: September 18, 2008

ISBN: 9781420083422

This book reviews the recent flood of new information on the pathophysiology, genetics, and treatment of the various epilepsy syndromes and distills it into an easy-to-use guide. Edited by respected and well-known leaders in the field, the book provides brief, but thorough, descriptions of the different syndromes commonly encountered in clinical practice across the pediatric range.

Beginning with an introduction to the fundamentals of epilepsy, the book then provides succinct case presentations and clinically relevant discussions of the more common epilepsy syndromes affecting each age group. The chapter authors describe why they chose each particular case, what they learned, and how it changed their practice. The extensive resource section provides an authoritative guide to relevant findings scattered in the literature.
Research in the field of epilepsy will continue at a rapid pace, with the ultimate hope of curing many intractable epilepsy syndromes. Organized chronologically, from neonate through adolescence, this book is the culmination of a group effort involving leading physicians and researchers whose contributions constitute a concise and practical reference for health professionals in training.


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